Been born in Quebec, Elise of Blois increased with a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA in Film Production at The university Concordia of Montreal . For more than 25 years, Elise works in the cinematographic industry, accumulating different experiences, as sripte, property master, decorator and for several years becomes famous as leader decorator for the popular films, such;, Stonewall from Roland Emmerich, Starbuck, Of Barney Version for whom Elise gained the price Genie Award of the best Arti Direction in 2010. So Elise also becomes famous as leader decorator for the big American productions some; Smurfs 2, Immortals, Gothica, Pluto Nash …

In 1992 Elise participated in an expedition in motorcycle from Montreal to Santiago in Chile by realizing 4 reports for the North-south Broadcast for the television TV-Quebec.

Elise presented the french version of her film in Cannes in 2013 and many other festivals and works on the writing of several other films of fiction. Rosseau will be the première in English in North America.