Eva Colmers is an award-winning director and producer of more than 20 films in the dramatic, experimental and documentary genre – mostly shorts and some long formats including Happy Birthday, Mango!, 2.57k, and Granny Baby. She has also written and directed the NFB documentaries We Regret to Inform You…, The Elder Project and The Enemy Within. Her tv work includes directing for APTN’s tv series Caution May Contain Nuts (produced by Mosaic Entertainment) as well as directing/producing for Bell Media’s BravoFACT (The Suburbanight) and BravoFACTUAL (Not a One-Way Street).


Eva is a member of DGC and CMPA and a proud alumni of WIDC and NSI. For her film work Eva has received several major awards such as AMPIA’s Rosie Awards for Best Director and Best Producer, EDA Award for Best Social Journalism (DOXA Festival Vancouver), Best Short Film Award (Golden Sheaf Award), Best Experimental Film Award (NYC Independent Film Festival) to name just a few.


An immigrant herself, the focus in many of Eva’s media work is on immigration, diversity and people who don’t quite fit in. Via her company, No Problem Productions, Eva is presently directing/producing QUINN (working title) following a young person’s identity journey over 4 years. Next month, she will start production on an animated kids’ show titled Digger Dilly and she is also working with a writing team on the development of the half hours series LUPITA – with the support of NSI TotallyTelevision program