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In Crystal Skin
provides a glimpse into the lives of four individuals living with the same rare disease in Bogotá, Colombia. Largely avoiding the broader context of disease science, the film instead delves into quiet, intimate moments between characters and the families that help care for them. Maria Alejandra, a charismatic 11-year-old, struggles to attend school despite her mother’s determined prodding. When Maria refuses to wake up for school one morning, the ensuing drama shows the difficult conflicts that arise between parents and children with rare diseases. The film moves across the city to three other characters: Miguel, a middle-aged man who, despite the fragility of his skin, has made a living as a foot messenger in the bustling and oftentimes dangerous capital city, and Nury and Nixa, two sisters in their early twenties who attempt to pursue dreams of independence while living in an orphanage. By immersing audiences into daily routines, the film reveals the tremendous fortitude of those who live with a rare disease.

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