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This video is about representation today. 1/2 of the film was shot using a hand cranked 35mm camera, a 1912 Bell and Howell 2709 — B. The other half of the film was shot in HD. The film was hand processed and using the colour matrix and gamma of a hand made emulsion (using my own tinted blood cells for grain — based on a 1930’s patent) the film was transferred to high definition video. The more abstracted colour layers were created via the application of a quite imperfect arnold's cat map (a geometric/mathematical formula) on some of the data driven coloured hand processed material.

This film is an exploration of the relationship between analogue and binary, electricity and hydro power, British Columbia and the beginnings of cinema via Eadweard Muybridge and the energy certificates of the Technocracy party and the absolute value of noise and the year 1957 and regional modernism and the Big Bang and Vermeer’s ‘Milk Maid’ and Poincare recurrence theorem and the great Canadian cowboy singer Wilf Carter and Western Culture and the concept of Grace in Catholic painting and the Tathagatas of Buddhism and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein reaching for the light.  


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