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The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. (IFCO) is a centre for artists who express their ideas, values and experiences using the medium of film. IFCO provides, on a co-operative basis, training, facilities, equipment, funding, information resources and means to exhibit work. IFCO aims to encourage a critical discourse in and an historical appreciation of film as and artform, and to develop, support and sustain an innovative and diverse Ottawa-based community of artists.


• Promoting the use and appreciation of motion picture film as an artistic medium;
• Promoting and fostering cultural diversity in filmmaking;
• Providing artists’ access to traditional filmmaking tools and training at affordable rates;
• Preserving and maintaining traditional filmmaking processes and equipment so present and future generations of artists have access to all
• Providing artists with access to services and resources which both support, and protect the integrity of traditional filmmaking;
• Having a voice/presence in the community that is respected and welcomed;
• Creating partnerships with other communities, organizations and initiatives;
• Providing a community for like-minded people to engage and participate in the true spirit of independent filmmaking; and
• Empowerment of artists.

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