Charlie still has hope and is adamant in caring for her mother, Yolonda Thomas, as her health takes a turn for the worse. Loyal, she insists on sticking by her mother’s side until the very end. But when her school begins to notice Charlie’s absence, she is placed under a system of surveillance and Charlie will soon come to find that some decisions are outside of her control.

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Winston W. Moxam Best Black Canadian Short Film Award
Columbus Black International Film Award for Best Short Film
Reelworld Stand-out writing award

Yorkton Film Festival Special award - Kathleen Shannon 
Yorkton Film Festival Director Fiction
Yorkton Film Festival Fiction Scripted

Reel World Film Festival (2020)
Festival International du Film PanAfrcain de Cannes (2020)
Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (2020)
Columbus Black International Film Festival (2020) 
Bronze Lens Film Festival (2020)
Las Vegas Black Film Festival (2020)
Afro-Prairie Film Festival (2020)

Alison Duke, Director & Co-Writer
Lindsey Addawoo, Co-Writer
Fonna Seidu, Producer
Lucas Joseph, Cinematographer
Eui Yong Zong, Editor
Ezinma, Composer
Ladan Mohamed Siad, Production Designer
Sophia Rickson, Costume Designer

Olunike Adeliyi as Yolonda 
Breonna Morrison as Charlie
Angie Reid as Maxine Nicols
Alana Bridgewater as Mrs. Gail Woods, Teacher
Wyatt Lamoureux as Principal Dan Walton

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  • Various Digital Formats,


  • Director: Alison Duke
  • Writer: Alison Duke
  • Writer: Lindsey Addawoo
  • Producer: Fonna Seidu
  • Camera person: Lucas Joseph
  • Editor: Eui Yong Zong
  • Music: Ezinma .
  • Producer: Ladan Mohamed Siad
  • Artist: Sophia Rickson

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