Since launching our platform in 2017, we have collaborated with curators and programmers from across the country to present film and video programs available for free streaming for a limited time. Each program includes a curatorial essay that explores the curators' selection. All the artists and curators included in these programs receive screening and curatorial fees for their participation. After the free viewing period has expired, we encourage the public to read the essays and rent works individually. You will find links to all our current and previous curated programs below.


***PLEASE NOTE that these programs are free for private single-users use only. Groups and institutions wanting to screen these programs to the public can inquire about group rental rates at


For Inside: Film & Video Art for Socially Distanced Times

MONTRÉAL, MON AMOUR : F3M celebrates 15 years!

Co-Presented by PAVED Arts and VUCAVU

Curator: Kathy Rae Huffman

TRANSHUMANCES - ON THE OTHER SIDE, Curated series by Ariane Plante

FOUND IN TRANSLATION series: Curated by Stephanie Berrington and presented by the Winnipeg Film Group

Curators : Nadine Valcin, Holly Cunningham, Jean-Pierre Marchant + Raine Vermette

"Families, Destinies, Lies and Other Experiments" (free streaming, January - March 2018)

#EyesOnVU 2017