In 2020, our city of a million felt like a small town. The streets were quiet, and there was nowhere exciting to rush off to. Before the mass retreat, many of us yearned for slower times. Now forced upon us, the beautiful monotony is trying, especially while tending to the unending needs of little children. "Remember When We Made Rainbows" reminds us that the exciting place has been inside us all along.

Main Artist: ​Bridget Farr

Bridget Farr is an analogue photographer and film artist creating 16mm and 35mm short films. Farr’s work ranges from documentary, experimental, and commissioned lifestyle films creating a body of work screened at over 100 film festivals on six continents. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and selected for numerous touring exhibits. The Canadian Film Institute honoured Farr with a career retrospective aptly describing her films as “restless cinema”.


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