This film is the result of forcefully decomposed, hacked up, used and abused 16mm found footage obtained from the film of the same title by Roman Polanski and narrated by Orson Welles. The outcome of this unique experiment presents a new film which has been edited and optically printed into a violent mash-up of sound and image. The result of which becomes a metaphor for the break down of the current social and political climate and the struggles of those who want to gain power.

Main Artist: Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson began his cinematic experience at film school in Regina where he experimented with emulsion-based film. After working in the film industry, he ended up in Australia teaching an alternative cinema class and screening Canadian films in local theaters. In 2008, he earned an MFA at Concordia University’s Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Since this time, Dave has been active in Ottawa’s film community where he was Vice president at The Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa and later became the Technical Director. Currently, Dave’s artistic practice is based on experimenting with documentary forms, process cinema, expanded cinema and sound design. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and as a member of the Windows Collective.

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