"All that's left" was created with the intention of projecting it on 35mm film as a "trailer of trailers". When traditional commercial cinemas began switching to digital projection around 2008 a hundred years of cinema history was quickly taken to the dumpster and scrapyard. In as little as 5 years almost nothing was left. For many cinemas the last thing to be tossed was boxes of 35mm trailers stored away in basements and storage spaces. Since distributors never asked for the trailers back they were either stored away or tossed. All that's left was created with a random box of trailers found in a closed cinema. Roughly a dozen trailers and some snipes were cut by hand over a lightbox with a tape splicer and manual rewinds. Think of it as a celluloid explosion, the last hurrah of commercial analog film.

Main Artist: Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon is an independent filmmaker and film conservator. He has worked on such diverse projects as a TV talk show set in the Yellowknife Dump (Dump Talk), a feature length documentary set in the Middle East during the Iraq War (Baghdad or Bust) and numerous short works produced with the help of Ottawa's local film and video co-ops. Programming films on film is a passion along with tinkering with 35mm projectors and setting up exhibition venues for them.


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