In the heart of a deep forest runs a river. On its banks, men and women sit and talk, opening up to each other. In this remote setting conducive to reflection, they wonder what it takes to attain inner peace, debate the wisdom of passing something on to future generations and realize that, in love, the perfect ‘soulmate’ is a near-impossible ideal. The sun sets behind the mountains and the swimmers bitterly acknowledge the failure of certain dreams, but still find meaning in contemplating nature, the stars and the moon.

Director: Jean-François Lesage
Cinematographer: Jean-François Lesage
Editors: Mathieu Bouchard-Malo et Ariane Pétel-Despots
Sound Design: Marie-Pierre Grenier
Sound Mixing: Bruno Bélanger
Music: Henryk Gorecki
Sound Recording: Marie-Andrée Cormier


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