This Festival Stop Motion Montreal program includes eight short films dealing with various themes touching on romantic relationships, mental health, mortality and also presents more abstract films.

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Films In Competition: Program 2
Running time: 63 min

0) Festival intro video, 0:00, 2020

1) Beyond Noh, Patrick Smith, 4:00, 2020, U.S.A. / Japan, no dial
Film category: Independent film
This film starts at: 01:01

"Beyond Noh" rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world, beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater and continuing on a cultural journey through ritual, utility, deviance, and politics.

ABOUT: Patrick Smith:

2) Balance, Timothée Crabbé,7:02, 2019, Belgium, no dial
Film category: Emerging Talent
This film starts at: 04:57

Partners on stage and in life, acrobats Alec and Theo find each other in a perfect balance between lifting and flying, between leading and following, until this fragile balance is turned upside down by an accident.

ABOUT: Timothée Crabbé:

3) Attitude, Szandra Pataki & Zsuzsa Kemény, 7:57,  2019, Hungary, no dial
Film category: Emerging Talent
This film starts at: 12:00

A seemingly usual day starts in a tiny downtown flat, where our hero is learning to live with his life falling apart more and more. Outside, life is buzzing, he hears the noise of the traffic, while inside his mug is empty, the pictures splinter, his beloved pillow disappears and the houseplant looks nothing like before. The flat and everything in it seem slowly meaningless, deformed by a mysterious netlike material. The netlike flat and within, our hero becomes unrecognizable, floundering in this fingent state until he finds a new foundation to build on…

ABOUT: Szandra Pataki & Zsuzsa Kemény:

4) La mer à boire | The sea is too much to drink, Charlotte Arene, 1:53, 2019, France, no dial
Film category: Independent film
This film starts at: 19:59

"La mer à boire" is a french idiom, meaning an impossible task, or asking too much of someone. I had some trouble with the sea that year.

ABOUT: Charlotte Arene:

5) Botschaften | Silent embassies, Daniel Höpfner, 15:00, 2020, Germany / Danmark, no dial
Film category: Independent film
This film starts at: 21:52

A bird explores the abandoned embassies. The resulting agitation seems briefly to bring spaces and things out of their paralysis. Through this resurrection, they rise up against their oblivion, before their energies fade again and everything sinks back into an enduring sleep.

ABOUT: Daniel Höpfner:


6) Duszyczka | Little Soul, Barbara Rupik, 09:00, 2019, Poland, no dial
Film category: Emerging Talent
This film starts at: 36:53

A dead body was stuck by a river bank. Its decaying insides still hide a human soul - a miniature of the deceased. Rotting organs part and a tiny creature gets out. Standing on the river bank, it says goodbye to the corpse and sets off on a journey through the post-mortem land.

ABOUT: Barbara Rupik:

7) Tango Luna, Blake Young, 4:30 2019, U.S.A., no dial
Film category: Independent film
This film starts at: 46:09

A dark and lyrical stop motion animation, Tango Luna features wild dogs, a cold-blooded mob, a spotlit tango dance, and a woman resisting the social conventions of 1930’s Europe. This allegorical tale in two acts tracks the emotional reaction of Magdalena Claudel as she stumbles upon a horrific scene in a city square, bearing witness to the passive cruelty of the crowd. In the following act, responding to this savage show, she performs a tango dance that rewrites the patriarchal power dynamic between female and male.

ABOUT: Blake Young:


8) Un Coeur d'Or | Heart of Gold, Simon Filliot, 12:45, 2020, France, no dial
Film category: Professional film
This film starts at: 50:41

Pour son fils, une jeune mère pauvre est contrainte de vendre ses organes à une vieille femme malade. De la chair, contre de l’or. Peu à peu, la nécessité laisse place à l’appât du gain… En vendant son corps, c’est toute son identité qu’elle aliène.

ABOUT: Simon Filliot:


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